We run to feel
free. We run to
just be.

Creating safe spaces for Black boys to run freely.

Honoring Maud

We are paving the way for communities to secure opportunities for the progression of mental and physical health.


Run With Maud

Promote love, empathy, and equality by joining our #RUNWITHMAUD movement of runners around the world.

Ahmaud Arbery was
simply on a run that day.

As someone who experienced mental health challenges, running helped Maud reap the benefits of physical fitness on mental wellness.

Running allowed Maud to feel free, but on February 23, 2020, he was anything but. Since the day of his racially-charged murder, we have committed to promoting safety for Black boys to run freely in his honor.

On the move to advance a movement.

Black boys deserve well-being. Let's make it a reality.

The Ahmaud Arbery Foundation

On a mission to create safe spaces for Black boys to run freely.

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