Honoring Maud


Paving the way from
safe passage to safe space.

A mother, advocate, and business professional, Wanda Cooper Jones founded The Ahmaud Arbery Foundation to advance a movement of love, empathy, and equality in her son’s honor.

Her activism has led to the passing of Georgia’s hate crime legislation in 2020 and the repeal of Georgia’s citizen’s arrest law in 2021. By spreading her anti-hate message around the world, Cooper Jones serves as an inspiration of what is possible – even when it is hard.

Join us in making a tangible difference in the lives of Black boys by sponsoring safe spaces for them to run freely, empowering them to pursue their passions without fear or discrimination.

Interested in creating safe passages and spaces in Ahmaud’s honor for Black boys?

Safe Space Interest

Funding access to education with an annual scholarship fund.

Scholarships are awarded to young Black men graduating from Ahmaud’s former high school each year in his honor.

Securing physical fitness resources to progress mental wellness.

The Foundation is providing athletic departments under-resourced communities with much-needed physical education supplies. 

Ensuring people can Run With Maud around the world

Our ‘Run with Maud’ movement allows runners to help raise funds to progress the mental and physical health of Black boys around the world.

The Ahmaud Arbery Foundation

On a mission to create safe spaces for Black boys to run freely.

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